Maintenance Contracts

Taking out a maintenance contract on your air conditioning systems with CJ Air Conditioning will help to ensure:

  • Longevity of life
  • Money saving and energy efficiency
  • Improved staff efficiency, comfort and air quality
  • Reduce the risk of breakdowns or replacements
  • Compliance with all F Gas legislation

If you do not maintain your system to a high standard by taking out a maintenance contract, efficiency will be reduced as a result of the following:

  • Blocked filters
  • Clogged indoor coils
  • Dirty condensers
  • Under charged systems

Blocked and dirty indoor coils, along with slime ridden drip trays are a breeding ground for bacteria which can become a hygiene or health and safety issue and also cause odour.

Legal Requirements

All systems on a maintenance contract with CJ Air Conditioning are put on our F Gas Compliance Package which will ensure peace of mind and total compliance with all F Gas regulations.

System Checks & Tests

Checks by CJ Air Conditioning on systems include the following Maintenance Checks:

  • Checks carried out by F Gas Refrigerant Handling qualified engineers
  • Full system check; pressures, temperatures, fault code, component check
  • Filters cleaned
  • Spray evaporator coil with specialist fluid
  • Outdoor condenser cleaned with specialist fluid
  • Fascias/Housings cleaned
  • Drains/Condensate pumps cleaned
  • Full leak check in line with current legislation
  • Full system report on each system
  • Each system asset tagged with system details including refrigerant charge
  • logged on our system as part of our Refrigerant Management Plan

Leak Checks

  • Checks carried out by F Gas Refrigerant Handling qualified Engineers
  • All flared connections checked for leaks on both indoor and outdoor units
  • All other connections on indoor unit checked for leaks
  • All other connections on outdoor unit checked for leaks
  • All accessible pipe work checked for leaks
  • Leak checks carried out with electronic leak detector or spray when necessary
  • Documentation to prove leak test has been completed

CJ Air Conditioning can offer a tailor-made maintenance package for your air conditioning system to ensure optimum performance and efficiency.

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